3 tips to help women lose guilt

By Team Work

We were not surprised when the Journal of Health and Social Behavior reported  that women feel guiltier than men when work responsibilities – for example, answering work emails – get done at home. Women assume the lion’s share of home responsibilities – and juggle multiple conflicting demands. Yet, women consistently struggle with undeserved and unnecessary guilt.

Guilt gets in the way of our career goals – and the happiness of our families.

So, here are our top tips to help you lose that unearned guilt:

Tip #1 – Determine your priorities. Use your keen business eye to review your home priorities. What you chose to focus on at home should reflect your core values – and only you really know what matters in your life.

Tip #2Lose the “Super Woman” fantasy. Unfortunately, none of us have super powers. You can’t do it all – with “super” speed. And you can’t fly … unfortunately. Thinking yourself a failure for not doing it all only brings negativity into your career – and your home life. These negative emotions are potentially more harmful to your kids and relationships than the spillover from work to home.

Tip #3Tinker with your home routines. When a routine does not reflect your core values, rethink – and restructure – that routine. If more together time with your family is on your priority list, for example, try a twenty-minute scheduled  “no tech” break. And let conversation replace texting and cell phone chats. Family meals don’t have to involve more than a take-out pizza. It’s the together that matters to you.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Akashisko