WISE Conference April 16, 2013

By News & Events

Insight Business Works was honored to be an exhibitor at the annual 2013 WISE (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) Conference in Syracuse, NY.  Dr. Allen also introduced workshop speaker, Erica Dhawan’s workshop on Connectional Intelligence!  

Unexpected Leader

Some CEOs and other C-level executives never wanted anything else. These executives polished their credentials and plotted deliberate career paths. Many business leaders and owners, however, have not followed this traditional career path. Insight Business Works [IBW] is a consulting and coaching firm founded by

Work-Life Harmony

Struggling with work-life balance? Of course you are. Getting the most out of your work and your personal life  has never been tougher. And it’s the same for your employees, your partners, and your customers. We’re all trying to manage and to focus on what we

3 tips to help prevent workplace bullying

By Team Work

Workplace violence definitely grabs headlines.   A recent piece at Forbes.com detailed the signs of workplace violence – and how to deescalate the situation when someone becomes threatening or irrational.  Most of us try to put such possibilities out of our minds.  And although *bad