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[karma_builder_content_box style=”coolblue” type=”fontawesome” title=”Insight Tip of the Week: Hiring Goes Beyond a Resume and Cover Letter”]When trying to hire the right person for the job, some managers don’t move beyond resumes and cover letters. Although this is a necessary step in the process, looking beyond paper has proven to be a better tactic. Try a simple Google search on the candidate and see what comes up. This will generally give you a better idea of their personality and how the individual portrays themselves on social media. Learn more about their personality and emotional intelligence by asking key questions in the interview, such as “What gets you up in the morning?” and “How do you recover from a disappointment or failure?” Having the right skill set is clearly a requirement for the job, but having a¬†personality that fits the culture and the role is equally as important. Therefore, it is important to ask the RIGHT questions and find the right personality for the job.[/karma_builder_content_box]