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A Better Path to Change than Resolutions

This article was originally published in Syracuse Woman magazine, January 2018 issue. By Dr. Chris Allen I’m sure some years you’ve made resolutions, while other years, you may have thought “Why bother?” You might have even thought, “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions!” The new

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Why Transparency and Honesty Matter For Leadership

Workplace psychologist Dr. Chris Allen helps organizations and leaders develop the “people” side of the business. As a Forbes Coaches Council contributor, Dr. Allen offers regular insights on topics such as changing organizational culture, aligning cultural values and team building in articles and offers

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Successful Networking in the Digital Age

Originally published in Syracuse Woman Magazine, November 2017 edition. Since we live in a digital world dominated by social media, it may be tempting to think face-to-face networking doesn’t matter anymore. This notion may appeal particularly to people who prefer to avoid networking. Business and

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Lines to use on know-it-all coworkers

Dr. Christine M Allen, as quoted in Ladders, “Lines to use on know-it-all coworkers”. As your coworker cuts you off and starts dominating the meeting (yet AGAIN), your face flushes. You fight the urge to roll your eyes more than ever. Here’s what to say

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