Recent PeopleMap Training™ with Rochester Educational Opportunity Center Staff

Insight Business Works was recently honored to share an initial PeopleMap™ Training Workshop with approximately 50 staff members (teachers, counselors, support staff, and administrators) at the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC) whose mission is to deliver comprehensive, community-based academic and workforce development programs that lead to enhanced employment opportunities, access to further education, personal growth and development.  The REOC is part of The College at Brockport and the SUNY Center for Academic and Workforce Development. The dedicated professionals at the REOC must work well together to give students the opportunities they need to succeed at school and at work.

How Does The PeopleMap™ Help?

The PeopleMap™ System is a simple, effective and revolutionary approach to understanding and working effectively with others. Over the past 25 years over a half-million people have used the PeopleMap™ System to:

  • Improve communication and productivity
  • Build effective leadership skills
  • Create high-performing teams
  • Foster a culture of engagement
  • Develop essential soft skills for life and career success

Using the PeopleMap™ tool at Insight Business Works, we develop employees by helping them maximize potential through fine-tuning communication, collaboration, and leadership skills, which improves capacity for working relationships and for becoming highly effective team members. The Foundational People Map™ workshops are fun, highly interactive, practical and down-to-earth. There is no fancy jargon — just simple, straightforward tools and skills that work day in and day out in all areas of life.

Initials Results of PeopleMap™ Training with REOC Staff

100% of staff found the workshop useful and 80% rated it as Excellent (20% Good).

Comments included:

  • “Understanding one’s personality type and others will have a great impact on the work atmosphere and on a personal level, too.”
  • “I liked the interaction with colleagues not on my normal team, so center-wide team building.”
  • “It will help me better understand the people I work with and how to best approach them.”
  • “Eye-opening.”
  • “It’s important for co-workers to be self-aware in order to understand the way they operate when working with others.”

We are honored to be invited back for Part II of the Foundational Workshop on Understanding Ourselves and Others.  In Part II, we learn more about our combination types and actually practice communicating and resolving conflicts with people who are different from us in behavioral-style.  We also work on new ways to use our own natural strengths and gifts to accomplish important professional and personal goals.

Stay tuned for a report of Part II!