“Powerful Communication for Women” to be Presented at April WNET Meeting

WNET-Chris-Allen-300x375As women, we are often unaware of nuances of our communication that undermine our power. We often use qualifiers such as “just” or “actually,” we raise our voices at the end of a statement implying that we are unsure and we ask questions such as “Does that make sense?” We give more credit to others, especially men, because we are team players.

Dr. Christine Allen will share some important ways that many women speak, talk and interact which limit their power and effectiveness at the next Women’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training’s monthly breakfast meeting, April 3 at 8 a.m. at the SUNY Oswego Phoenix Center in the Oswego County Industrial Park, Phoenix (exit 14, State Route 481).

In this workshop, Dr. Allen will give you some specific strategies to communicate powerfully despite these external constraints and some of our own internal barriers.

Read the announcement in Oswego County Today.