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Your most important resource - YOUR PEOPLE

At Insight Business Works, we offer solutions to help with the “people” side of business: Talent Selection Assessments, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development,  Onboarding Coaching, Team Building and Team Coaching, and Individual Professional Coaching.

Whether you are looking to solve a people problem or develop a positive culture with great leaders and engaged employees, we can help.  In an economic environment where it is hard to hire new people or to raise salaries, retaining good employees can save companies a lot of money. People stay longer with companies who offer to help them grow.  In fact, studies have found the business ROI for executive coaching to be from 200 to 500%.

Selecting and hiring the best individual is the key to success in any organization.

Not only that, but hiring mistakes are costly, directly impacting productivity, profitability, reputation, and staff morale.
Insight psychologists are experts at
  • interviewing and interpretation
  • test construction
  • assessment tool selection

Examples of Hiring Challenges

New Hire Acclimation
The short list of candidates for an expanding IT department leaves management shaking its head. While credentials fit the requirements, serious questions arise about how these potential employees will mesh with the existing IT team.
Culture Fit
Ideal management candidate found for a specialized–and vital–leadership position in a rural health care system. Although a charismatic individual inspired staff, the CEO wonders if this leader will be aligned with the hospital’s vision or be too much of a loose cannon?


A closely held family company can no longer ignore diversity–or lack of–at the management level. How does this successful company address diversity without sacrificing a corporate culture fundamental to its identity?
Assessment Onboarding
With the right person selected, onboard executive coaching can help the new executive acclimate quickly and effectively to bring results.
EEOC compliance strictly maintained.
Studies show that 40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months and the primary reasons are interpersonal and behavioral.

Executive coaching helps

  • Leaders and managers develop skills
  • Promote well-defined vision, strategy, alignment to goals
  • Teach employees how to 'lead up'
  • Transform organizational culture
  • Teach employees to lead by leveraging their unique strengths
Unexpected leader.
A new leader is more likely to succeed when they participate in both training AND coaching. Training improves outcome 20%; when combined with coaching,outcome improves 80%.
Executive presence.
How can a gifted manager with extraordinary analytical skill, but abrasive communication style be groomed for leadership? Develop the manner,appearance, and interpersonal style of the leader before they damage relationships with business partners, colleagues, and supervisors.
Conflict resolution.
Build trust. Tamp down rumors. Minimize team in-fighting. Learn how to address conflicts quickly and effectively with strategies to bring people together.


“What got you here won’t get you there.”

   - Marshall Goldsmith

Every successful executive knows that employees are an organization’s most valued resource

Without developing additional leadership skills at the CEO and manager level, productivity and profitability are inevitably compromised. Many managers (and some CEO’s) are, in fact, accidental leaders–thrust into these roles with no opportunity for leadership training and development.
Research shows that the people skills in managerial positions are twice as important as technical skills in achieving corporate goals. Yet, many managers don’t get the training and coaching essential to acquire and maintain these make-or-break people skills.
Effective and persuasive leadership requires focus, practice, and persistence.
Insight Business Works can help your organization develop leaders within the context of your overall organizational goals–and help transform your corporate culture.
  • A brilliant engineer promoted to department head loves the technical aspects of the project, but hates holding people accountable and dealing with interpersonal conflict.
  • A newly hired manager with innovative ideas. His introverted personality, however, prevents him from confidently promoting his cost-saving proposals.
  • A talented executive who excels at details. Her newly-acquired direct reports, however, view her as a micro-manager who hems them in at every opportunity.


"Leaders are made rather than born."

 - Warren G. Bennis


At Insight Business Works, we customize team and organizational-based programs to fit your company’s unique needs
  • help teams become high performing
  • assess team functioning and need for change
  • assess team processes, dynamics, and relationships
  • tailor interventions to unique team needs
  • one-to-two-day leadership and board retreats
  • long term team coaching
  • personality styles training

Organizations committed to inspiring people to work together produce extraordinary results.

True Alignment® Consulting

True Alignment® teaches leaders to take a systemic approach to develop cultures that align with customer needs, helping organizations attain high levels of creativity and performance. Insight Business Works is a Licensed True Alignment® Consulting firm.



 The PeopleMap™ is a proven program designed to revolutionize the way people relate to one other and work together. This program can profoundly impact work groups and teams, especiallyin sales and customer service, and in almost every team where effective collaboration is key.

"Teamwork .... the ultimate competitive advantage."

- Patrick Lencioni

You’re searching for answers to organizational challenges. Challenges with people, communication, team interactions. Challenges that impact performance, productivity and culture.
Take steps toward resolving workplace challenges. Insight Business Works & Chris Allen provides the practical knowledge, skills, and action steps required to make real change in your workplace. In your people. In you!
Customized presentations to help your employees bring their best to work each day. Retreats, workshops, seminars, lunch-and-learn sessions, partial-day training.

Speaking Topics & Titles

  • Work Life Harmony
  • Team Building
  • Personalities in the Workplace
  • Communication
  • Skill Building

“Chris created a dynamic feeling in the session generating comments like ‘I feel she was speaking directly to me’.”

 - Joanne Lenweaver, WISE, Syracuse University 

Individual coaching helps people sort through the many priorities of their daily lives to create rich, meaningful lives at work and home.  Dr. Allen enjoys working with people who want to

  • experience deeper levels of connection and fulfillment in their important relationships
  • establish strong career development patterns
  • achieve health and fitness goals
  • accomplish projects such as writing a book or creating a home that is clutter-free and relaxing.

Chris is uniquely qualified to help people make the small but essential changes that underlie major life changes and transitions.

Personal coaching creates specific strategies to make lasting changes, whether they be in the area of health, fitness, relationships, career, parenting, or creative endeavors.

"Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."


- Judy Garland