Unexpected Leader

Some CEOs and other C-level executives never wanted anything else. These executives polished their credentials and plotted deliberate career paths. Many business leaders and owners, however, have not followed this traditional career path.

Insight Business Works [IBW] is a consulting and coaching firm founded by Dr. Richard Juman – just such a non-traditional CEO. Richard is a clinical psychologist who founded and leads a health care company of substantial size. This health care company faced all the growing pains and sticky challenges familiar to every organization.

Richard claims – proudly – that he achieved success by making every possible mistake that a CEO can make. His company survived those mistakes – some of which were potentially disastrous – because he concurrently created an ethical, resilient, team-oriented corporate culture that responded creatively to every challenge. He selected and trained a talent pool energized and committed to finding solutions to every challenge that arose.

Many of our IBW clients are corporate leaders who’ve taken a similar unexpected career path. Such individuals include chemists, engineers, physicians, or simply seat-of the-pants entrepreneurs who somehow find themselves at the corporate helm.

Of course, IBW also works successfully with executives who’ve taken a more traditional path to corporate leadership. Both paths have inherent advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of how the destination was reached, however, successful management of any organization today requires skills not taught in business school.

Insight Business Works specializes in helping executives identify such skill gaps. Such gaps almost invariably relate to interpersonal skills that are out of sync with current corporate demands. These gaps impact the corporate culture in unexpected ways, limiting the success of your organization.

We want to help you identify what’s missing in your own skill gap – and how those skill gaps influence your corporate culture.