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Dr. Christine Allen

workplace psychologist/executive coach

Dr. Christine Allen, has been providing executive coaching, team building, talent selection and assessment, and other training to senior leaders since 2009. With 20 years previous experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Allen is an excellent listener who quickly grasps the underlying issues with which individuals and teams struggle. She helps leaders and teams identify needs, discover and use strengths. She excels at improving communication within teams, and she specializes in helping leaders develop leadership agility, and executive presence. As a licensed psychologist, she is particularly skilled in using assessments for hiring and selection. Her home base is in Syracuse, New York.


Ph.D.- Psychology 

Board Certified Coach - Center for Credentialing and Education 

Distinguished Fellow--New York State Psychological Association

Past President -  New York State Psychological Association, Division of Organization, Consulting and Work Psychology

Co-Chair  - Leadership Institute, New York State Psychological Association

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I whole-heartedly recommend Chris Allen and The People Map workshop to any organization that relies on communication as a basis for its well-being.
Meredith Wood
Co-Head of Montessori School of McLean, Virginia

Organizational Values


We value development and learning, helping our clients to foster a learning culture and practicing what we preach by always working to learn more, do more, and be more.


We value honesty, authenticity, and transparency. We will bring our best selves to every engagement and want to work with companies for whom integrity is key.


We facilitate change in organizations through creating powerful, human connection with our clients; we help clients connect with their employees, their customers, and other stakeholders.


We believe in success through service and that we are all here on this planet to serve others; through true service, there is the capacity to do well by doing good.


We value perseverance and determination highly and will be reliable partners who get the job done and done right.


Psy. D. - Psychology

Member - Vistage International   

Past-President - New York State Psychological Association

Richard Juman, Psy.D.

Healthcare Executive, Psychologist, Consultant, Writer

Dr. Juman is a prime example of the “Accidental CEO”, a clinical psychologist who grew a successful healthcare company into one of the largest of its type, eventually employing hundreds of psychologists and treating thousands of patients. In consulting with other health care providers over many years, Dr. Juman has found that leadership and cultural issues, rather than business issues, separate the successful organizations from those that flounder. Along with Dr. Allen, Dr. Juman created Insight Business Works as a vehicle for using his expertise in psychology, organizational development, team building, emotional intelligence and corporate culture in a broader arena. Dr. Juman has broad experience in health care management, organizational consulting and training, strategic planning, corporate culture, addiction issues, business dynamics, and human factor issues in small to mid-sized organizations.
Dr. Juman has helped many of my high-powered executive clients overcome serious stuck points and move forward on their career path. He is a master at helping people regain confidence in their abilities, redefine their goals, and execute a plan to achieve those goals.
Arnold M. Washton, Ph.D.
Compass Health Group

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