3 tips to help prevent workplace bullying

By Team Work

Workplace violence definitely grabs headlines.   A recent piece at Forbes.com detailed the signs of workplace violence – and how to deescalate the situation when someone becomes threatening or irrational.  Most of us try to put such possibilities out of our minds.  And although *bad

3 tips to help women lose guilt

By Team Work

We were not surprised when the Journal of Health and Social Behavior reported  that women feel guiltier than men when work responsibilities – for example, answering work emails – get done at home. Women assume the lion’s share of home responsibilities – and juggle multiple

Embrace Change

By Executive Coaching

Questioning your personal or organizational mission? Stress and aggravation are part of the job – not the whole job. How do you transition from beleaguered boss to motivated leader whose vision impacts the organization – and yes, changes the world. We can help. Read More…