Lines to use on know-it-all coworkers

Dr. Christine M Allen, as quoted in Ladders, “Lines to use on know-it-all coworkers”.

As your coworker cuts you off and starts dominating the meeting (yet AGAIN), your face flushes. You fight the urge to roll your eyes more than ever.

Here’s what to say to that coworker who doesn’t know when to stop talking about why they’re always right.

Show them that you’ll be an ally when you work together — but draw boundaries 

Dr. Christine M. Allen, workplace psychologist and vice president of executive coaching firm Insight Business Works, tells Monster how to get this point across.

“State your intention: ‘I’d like to work on this project collaboratively, and I know we won’t always agree. I’d like the work to be a reflection of both of our ideas,’” Allen suggests.

She continues, “sometimes you will just have to be very direct. For instance, say, ‘John, you have very strong opinions and I admire that; however, I feel cut off and dismissed when you insist that you are right or are not willing to compromise or collaborate with me.’”